Tips for Charging Your Electric Car at Home

Nowadays electric vehicles are becoming very common. With rise in EVs charging at home as become frequent yet confusing for many people. Charging at home is convenient, easy and cost effective so why not use it more often rather than going to charging stations or public chargers.

The process of setting up and maintain a home charging system may seem a challenging task for new users and even sometimes for old users as well. This blog discusses tips that you can follow to make your Electric Vehicle charging at home, an easy and smooth experience.

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Now let us explore tips for charging your electronic Vehicle at home.

1. Choose Right Charger

Choosing right charger is very important as this can affect performance of your car and your electricity bill. Buy chargers that matches specifications of your vehicle, for home chargers the range is between 3.7 kW to 7 kW. Faster charger can charge in less time but before installing check if your compactible with fast chargers or not.

2. Use Same Port

Use same charging port every day for your EV. Regular use of same port can help tracking the performance and reduces the wear and tear caused by continuous plugging and unplugging from different ports. Same port practice ensures that your car is getting safe and same voltage every day. Same port is useful in monitoring bills and usage as well.

3. Install Green Chargers and Eco Chargers

Green chargers use renewable resources to charge you EV car. They use energy from solar, hydro or wind energy and this can reduce your carbon footprint. These chargers not only save environment but also reduces your electricity bill. Installing Green chargers may cost you more expense but in long run cost can be recovered and even result in saving.

4. Plan Your Charging Time

Charge your EV car during off peak hours when the rate of electricity is lower compared to peak time. Some smart chargers come with an option of scheduling your charge and automatically turns off when EV Car is charged. This system of charging reduces bills and load on your power grid as well.

5. Maintain Your EV Charger

While using your chargers be careful and use them safely. Inspect signs of wear and tear like cut, damage or loose connection and repair it immediately. Clean the connectors and box every third day to avoid dirt build up. This will increase the life of your charger and make it safe for you and your home.

6. Utilise Electricity Mobility Nodes

Electricity Mobility nodes provide centralised and sustainable solution for home charging. These nodes integrate smart technology to optimise charging times and energy usage making it convenient to manage your EC’s charging needs. These systems are designed to support multiple vehicles, making them ideal for households with more than one EV.

7. Safety

Safety is very important while using any EV charger. The charging should be installed by a qualified electrician to minimise any potential electric hazard and grid failure. Do not use extension cords as they cannot bear that much heat and energy. Before you charge check if the area is dry and well-ventilated to prevent any moisture build-up.

8. Regular Update

Keep your charging system updated as per latest features and security. Firmware updates for smart chargers can add new functions and fix bugs as well. Maintain all your charging software up to date for smooth charging and taking advantage of new functions.

9. Use Sustainable Power Points

Sustainable power points are necessary for eco-friendly EV chargers. These outlets are designed to handle high power usage without heavy impacting the environment. If you install sustainable power points instead of standard power points you can save the environment and efficiently charge your EV car.

Electronic Vehicle charging is an easy task if you know how to do it, you should maintain your equipment and be safe while using them. Save environment as well.


Charging at your own home comes with multiple benefits. It is cost effective, convenience and gives you control of your usage. If you follow best practices, then charging at home is becomes an investment and extends the life of your car. These tips will help all the new and old owners to effectively and efficiently use the EV charges for flawless experience.

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