What sort of outdoor lighting is right for me?

Outdoor lighting can radically affect the mood and style of your home and garden. There are a huge range of options to consider to ensure that you get the lighting that is right for you. Whether you’re looking to create a cosy atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining guests in the summer, or something for security purposes outside lighting is your best choice. There are a huge range of solutions, from the straightforward to the highly sophisticated, to suit any need, garden, and budget.

Why do I need outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting brings a range of benefits in both their form and function that improves the look, utility, and security of a property.


Lighting is a great way to show off and enhance the aesthetic qualities of your property. If you take pride in your home, then you want to make sure it’s properly lit. Lighting is a great way to create a nice atmosphere on a patio or under a pergola and allows you to enjoy your garden even after it gets dark.


Having heavy-duty lighting on the exterior of a property is a great deterrent to crime. If you have people moving around and in and out of your property in the dark then keeping the exterior well lit will help keep them safe. Lighting will also discourage potential intrusion or vandalism.


Being able to see what you’re doing is always a benefit. Porch lights so visitors can see your doorbell, lights on your garage so you can see while you’re trying to park or load up the car, and lights down the garden path so you don’t trip up. There are simple practical reasons to keep your home well-lit.

What types of outdoor lighting are there?

The next step is to try and work out the sort of lighting that you need. There’s a huge variety of different products on the market that all serve different purposes and aesthetics, but we’ve broken them down into broad categories.

  • String lights

    String lights are an attractive feature that provide a low level of light. Their design allows them to be draped, wrapped, and hung over features like trees and pergolas to create a pleasing visual effect.

  • Path lights

    Having the paths and paving in your garden illuminated with low light not only makes it easier and safer to navigate but also creates a striking look. Path lights are the perfect blend of form and function.

  • Floodlights

    These are typically more powerful lights that heavily illuminate a given area. Floodlights are an ideal practical measure to help you see what you are doing, and also work well as part of a security system.

  • Lanterns

    An elegant and versatile option for any garden, lanterns give off a warm, moderately bright light. They are available in a broad range of styles such as post or hanging lanterns that are ideal for any home.

  • Accent lights

    Attractive outdoor features that highlight elements of your property or garden, accent lights typically give off a warm colourful glow to create a stylish visual that adds to the atmosphere.

Attractive outdoor features that highlight elements of your property or garden, accent lights typically give off a warm colourful glow to create a stylish visual that adds to the atmosphere.

How bright should my outdoor lighting be?

All lighting brightness is measured using lumens. Higher lumens means that a given light will be brighter. For example, a 40-watt bulb is typically 440-460 lumens. When selecting the lighting for your property, consider the atmosphere you want to create. More lumens will give you more light, but if it’s too bright then it could create a harsh or clinical atmosphere. Alternatively, if you are looking to light a large area for practical or safety reasons, then you will need a much higher lumen count.

Another consideration is the colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvins. A lower colour temperature, around 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvins will give you a warmer yellow light. This is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Higher Kelvin numbers will produce a cooler blue light that is brighter, this is typically between 4,000 and 5,000 Kelvins. Lights with higher Kelvin numbers will be more practical when you need a brighter and more stimulating light such as to illuminate a workspace.

What outdoor lighting is best for me?

If you’re looking to create a welcoming atmosphere in your garden then consider softer, lower lighting, perhaps in the form of lanterns or string lights. You can arrange these as you choose to let your creativity shine and the range of different products will give you the versatility you need. If you have more practical needs then consider a higher and brighter light with a higher lumen and Kelvin count. This will keep an area such as a car park, drive, path, or porch brightly lit.

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